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DJ Dima Studitsky has been djing since mid-1996s.
DJ Dima Studitsky

Dima Studitsky has been djing since the mid-90s of the last century, and he can be considered as one of the best DJs in Moscow. In the fall of 2011, Dima Studistky`s remix "I Can See" by Jazzanova from their latest album was released on the Berlin label Sonar Kollektiv, and was endorsed from such stars as Francois Kevorkian, Tokyo Black Star and many others. From 2012 to 2014, a few more remixes of Dima Studitsky were released, including the epic adaptation of "Lovery" by the Spaniards Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro at American King Street Records, "Welcome To My World" by Rainer Trueby and TJ Kong "Sweet Sweet Lovin" at the famous Munich Compost Records. Additionally, Dima Studitsky together with Ilya Rasskazov is a member of the creative association They have authored the official compilation "Diggin 'Compost" for Compost Records which was released on two CDs. He also takes part in organization of numerous parties and participates in international festivals such as Sunsplash, Southern Soul and many others.
DJ LUPIN has been djing since 1996.

He was a resident of such clubs and projects as Jazz Cafe, Gallery, Shambhala, Jet Set, First, Dyagilev, Arena (St. Petersburg), Famous, Imperia Lounge / Premier Lounge, Movida (London), Maxim bar and many others. DL Lupin has performed at many festivals, including Kazantip (1997, 1998), Castledance, Russian Winter Festival 2008 (London). He has also been a resident of China Town events at the "Propaganda" club since 2012. Additionally, he is a resident of the club restaurant project Modus.
2010's history
DJ Philipp Mironov
If you were to bury Philip Mironov together with his Facebook page and discover them 200 years later, then you could study the history of Moscow in the 2010s. He worked at the Solyanka club and at Afisha, held festivals and parties of various magnitude. Now, together with his former colleagues, he runs the Psycho Daily telegram channel. As a DJ he uses his experience to play extremely relevant music.
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